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eventspoint - an event marketing and management company


Eventspoint is a strategic b2b customer engagement consultancy. Linking event experiences with value creation, our approach helps improve and grow the lifetime value of customer relationships.

Only relevant event experiences will engage busy customers. To be effective therefore, organisations need to be aware of the business and relationship needs of their individual customer contacts. They must also focus resources on their profitable and potentially profitable customers if they are to minimise wastage and expect the event experience to contribute to the development of lifetime value.

To make the most of your customer relationships and events, our multidisciplinary team with expertise and experience in customer research, service, strategic event marketing and commercial development, can add practical support to help you address strategic change issues. Our support service includes insights and analysis; organisational alignment; strategy development; event planning; event communications and measurement. We also design workshops to improve internal collaboration and share best practice.

To understand what value your events bring to your business or how to engage the right people, Eventspoint can help you identify the issues and make the necessary changes to be more effective.